Masternodes for everyone

Today the weekly update has been released. One of the most important things is that masternodes price will be 15.000 STAK.

This is great news for everyone because masternodes at this price are accessible to all due to the swap. Straks is not listed on a exchange yet so we cannot make any calculations about how much will a masternode cost. But due to the swap we can have an idea that it wont be hard to get a masternode if we use the swap on our advantage. Let me explain my self:

In the swap you will recieve monthly payments based on your holdings percentage to the total coins swapped. If you don't understand what I mean you can check our swap calculator.

Lets make an example:

  • You have 300.000 SIGT to swap.
  • 40% of Signatum blockchain is going to be swapped.

It will only take you six months of swap proccess to get a masternode for $961 (or 60000 SIGT - at current Signatum price -).

You can always make your own calculations using your own data on our swap calculator.


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