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STRAKS-data: A data dashboard that will display all core network and market statistics. This enhancing transparency (Includes: Trading Volume, Number of STRAKS Addresses, and more) to potential ecommerce business partners. By understanding the value proposition in integrating STRAKS as a payment solution, business owners can clearly and quickly discern the tangible impact on the size and subsequent expansion of their consumer base, by integrating STRAKS as a payment solution.
Projected Delivery: Q1 2018

STRAKS-vote: Community members will be able to propose suggestions for development. All STRAKS coin-holders to vote on these suggestions. The coins collected through voting will form the basis of funding of the idea. There will be a screening/vetting process for ideas so as not to flood the client.
Projected Delivery: Q2 2018

Android Wallet: With the Android wallet will be have easy and immediate access to your STRAKS funds from at anytime from anywhere in the world. Enhancing accessibility is key to increasing real-world utilisation.
Projected Delivery: Q2 2018

STRAKS-market: A marketplace where users will be able to trade goods and services. STRAKS will be the main payment option (lower fee) while other major currencies will be supported as well, to give the “shop owner” greater flexibility (BTC, ETH, LTC).
Projected Delivery: H2 2018

Electrum: With the Electrum wallet you will no longer have to download the entire blockchain. You will be able to gain access to your wallet from anywhere in the world, using your secure 12 word password.
Projected Delivery: Q3 2018

STRAKS-pay: Enables greater e-commerce utility, helping to build real-world utilisation of STRAKS. 
Projected Delivery: Q3 2018

Zerocoin Protocol: This adds full anonymity, so you never have to be worried about fungibility. All coins, irrespective of past associations, are all valued the same. You will never have to worry about anonymity and traceability again.
Projected Delivery: Q4 2018

STRAKS-exchange: A decentralised exchange will enable greater and easier accessibility to STRAKS and will make further development efforts needed to make e-commerce integrations easier, faster and more efficient.
Projected Delivery: Q1 2019